In 1892, Florsheim Shoes started in a small factory in Chicago, Illinois. We’ve grown quite a bit since then and have gained a reputation for being at the forefront of the newest trends in men’s and women’s shoes in Australia, while staying true to our legacy of classic styling and quality workmanship. From material selection […]

Sydney Barbers

Sydney Barbers is the most trusted Barber Shop in Sydney. For some, their hair can simply be a nuisance that they need to maintain and clean up. But we feel that hair can be far more than that. Hair can shape the way that others see you. A new hairstyle can come across as bold, […]

Priceline Pharmacy

Priceline is dedicated to helping women look good, live well and feel great. At Priceline World Square we are dedicated to being first with beauty trends, specialist advice and the best prices. We focus on creating the best available beauty products for both local and international shoppers, which includes a full range of facial masks […]

T2 Tea

We’re reinventing the humble tea leaf and sharing our take on tea with the world. Born and brewed in Melbourne, Australia, at T2 Tea we get a kick out of turning the world of tea on its head. Now, after 20 years of brewing under our belts, we’ve grown to more than 100 stores worldwide, […]

Flower Train

Flower Train specialises in beautiful modern floral arrangements for all occasions. We can make bouquets, boxes and vase orders to your requirements and cater for all tastes.

Two Penny Coffee

We believe our coffee is our craft. Small batch roasters with their beginnings serving Sydneysiders their coffee. We live, love and breathe coffee, and in searching for the best coffee for our customers sourcing beans from around the world. Passionate, hand crafted and collaborative, our team combine experience, technology and knowledge to create sensational coffee […]

Edition Coffee

Layers of enrichment centered around our passion for coffee. Our passion lies in the pursuit of Omni Roasting, so we work to celebrate and stay true to every individual bean’s character. We are able to highlight the essence of the origin by altering our brewing techniques and recipes from the traditional methods.