The Speakeasy Group announce their most ambitious project yet

6 September 2022: The Speakeasy Group announce their most ambitious project yet, embarking on a multi-level transformation of heritage building Beneficial House on iconic George Street. The two-floor project will include the re-opening of the group’s inimitable Eau-de-Vie and introduce brand-new restaurant concept The Sanderson.

The transformation of Beneficial House, a key landmark in premium development Brookfield Place, will see the continuation of a revived Sydney CBD, with Eau-de-Vie and The Sanderson adding a sense of escapism for city-goers at the 285 George Street location.

Scheduled for simultaneous openings in early 2023, the venues will be accessed via the same speakeasy-style entrance on Wynyard Lane, opposite Shell House.

The first floor will be home to the energetic and dynamic restaurant The Sanderson from innovative Speakeasy directors Sven Almenning and Greg Sanderson, while the basement will see the return of Eau-de-Vie, the very bar where it all started for the pair.

Almenning and Sanderson can’t wait to see the revival and much-anticipated return of Eau-de-Vie Sydney, the first venue for the group opening over a decade ago. During its tenure at its Darlinghurst location, Eau-de-Vie was ranked amongst the best cocktail bars in the world including taking out Words Best New Cocktail Bar when it opened its doors all those years ago.

“Eau-de-Vie is like our first child, we just have so much love for it! We looked long and hard to secure the new location, but the wait will be worth it. We are positive that George St and Beneficial House is the perfect new home for Eau-de-Vie Sydney 2.0” says Sanderson.

Completely befitting the historical bones of Beneficial House, the new iteration will bring the same dimly lit, jazz-infused atmosphere that’s synonymous with the Eau-de-Vie brand, including intimate booths, the signature Whisky Room, an enormous back bar, and private whisky lockers (going on pre-sale towards the end of the year).

“We’re not reinventing the concept by any means”, says Almenning. “Eau de Vie will always be about awesome innovative and theatrical cocktails, paired with world-class service and of course a wide-ranging whisky collection to rival any specialist whisky bar as well”.

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful heritage surroundings, The Sanderson will be an energetic and dynamic steak and oyster restaurant taking service to a heightened level of engagement. Specialising in quality Australian beef and lamb, local oysters, World-Class cocktails, and a highly curated wine offering The Sanderson is conceptualised as the location to come together and celebrate life’s greatest milestones.

“The Sanderson will bring together the many elements of “celebration” that we ourselves love to enjoy with our friends and family,” says Sanderson. As a symbol of that family, friendship and celebration, the venue will be named for the devoted and passionate owner.

“We really do see Beneficial House becoming a destination that our guests can spend an entire evening within. Aperitif cocktails at Eau-de-Vie, upstairs to The Sanderson for an amazing dinner, and then back downstairs for a whisky nightcap,” says Sanderson.