Dyson George St
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285 George Street

Dyson has opened its first demo store in Australia at Brookfield Place Sydney that includes a hair salon and free styling sessions. The British tech giant has hundreds of demo stores worldwide, but the new store in Sydney’s CBD has many “world first” features and is the brand’s largest retail space across Asia and Australasia. You can use and learn about all of the Dyson products using a mix of hands-on demonstrations and immersive displays.

Dyson George St

Healthy home area

Explore the range of Dyson fans that show you the invisible dust and bugs living in your home.

Vacuum wall

Check out Dyson’s next-level vacuum wall where experts are on hand to create a mess, so you can clean it up using one of the vacuums available.

Dyson beauty lab

One of the most impressive features is the store’s fully functioning hair salon that allows customers to access a free of charge wash and blow dry/styling session through an online booking system. Click here to make your appointment.