World leadership!

World leadership! That’s what our latest 6 Star Green Star – Office As Built v3 certification by the Green Building Council of Australia at Brookfield Place Sydney signifies.
As-built certification assesses the sustainability outcomes from construction of new buildings or major refurbishments across nine holistic impact categories. We send thanks to all involved in this incredible project, including our fantastic contract partner Multiplex.  
Key features that were incorporated in the delivery of Brookfield Place Sydney include:
👉 Culture, heritage and identity
Brookfield Place retained the heritage features of Shell House. The building’s structure, façade and the original steel windows and features have been carefully assessed, reviewed, where possible retained and refurbished to preserve and celebrate the original architectural elements of each building, and reduce requirement for new materials.
👉 Central energy plant
The installation of a central energy plant for Brookfield Place has reduced the required number of substations from three to two.
👉 HFO refrigerants
The building’s air conditioning system is powered by new generation refrigerants which have significantly lower global warming potential than traditional refrigerants.
👉 Low embodied carbon concrete
The project substantially reduced embodied carbon impacts through the use of cement replacements.